Image Processing / Industrial Applications

The R&D group Image Processing / Industrial Applications supports a wide range of industrial quality assurance and manufacturing processes with customer-specific solutions by focusing on research in material analysis, robotics, image processing and automation.

Image processing deals with the analysis, classification and measurement of different materials and objects in 2D / 3D. Results will be directly forwarded to industrial controls, databases, SAP and measurement reports.

Special emphasize goes to the research team robotics, which specializes within the fields of robot control, kinematics and process simulation. In close collaboration with the automation team, productive solutions are developed in R&D projects as well as customer specific orders.


  • Industrial image processing – measurement, testing and documentation
  • Support of visual / subjective evaluation processes by software
  • Development of automation and quality assurance solutions
  • Control of status and form, target/actual comparison
  • Intelligent optical test and measurement technology
  • Robotics / Process simulation and automation
  • Automated analysis, evaluation and measurement processes for parts, surfaces and particle structures
  • Interdisciplinary research and development

Research Projects

Projects that have been completed can be found on the German subpages Image Processing SolutionsAutomation and Production EngineeringSensor and Measuring Systems and Robotics.