Planning and Documentation of IT Infrastructures

InfoCABLE® is a powerful tool for planning, management and documentation of communication networks and IT infrastructure. The software is based on a direct coupling between graphic engine and database. It provides a virtual, true-to-scale infrastructure model that supports standards compliant planning and intuitive documentation. Digital and independent of manufacturers, everything becomes clear: components, network cabinets, cable routes, radio links, coverage areas and signal paths. Complex networks become transparent through automatically generated diagrams. All immediate structural changes and long term planning are centrally and securely managed by the software. InfoCABLE® significantly increases the security and reliability of the communications network. Flexible interfaces enable a transition from conventional documentation operation with minimal effort.


  • Survey network structure
  • Check compatibility and plausibility
  • Detect weak spots
  • Display network structure
  • Know network resources


  • Reduce costs
  • Minimize downtimes
  • Centralize network data
  • Optimize plannings