Real-time Inspection of Color and Translucence

ColorInspector is an in-line testing solution for the product inspection or sorting based on color and translucence characteristics that can be applied during production process. Due to a multi-chamber color image capture and a smart module-based evaluation system, ColorInspector can adjust to any sort of production line.


  • Flexible 100% control of color, reflectance and translucence
  • Combined multi-chamber system for the inspection of different surfaces and features
  • Easy handling for users
  • Automatic detection of the product position and classifications for optimum image areas
  • Color inspection within the LAB color space, combined with translucence inspection
  • Different classifications for each application are adjustable
  • Flexible and fully-automatic teach-in process

More Details

Inspection mode
  • Variety of lighting systems (transmitted light / reflected light / structured light)
  • Automated detection of test objects and selected areas
  • Automated identification of significant characteristics and quantifications
  • Data comparison of all characteristics with the teached-in categories (quality or sorting criteria)
Online mode
  • Online continuous process: Display and protocol of determined, piece related characteristics, parameters or images
  • Option to record all or specific categories
  • Short cycle times < 0,1 sec. (10 products per second) in continuous process