Girls' Day

Girls' Day-Girls' Future Day will take place again on April 27, 2023. GFaI is very excited to host girls from 5th grade up who are interested in math, physics, science, and computer science for a few hours. In a practical and exciting way, the young female scientists are guided through our research areas and learn about the world of applied computer science using examples such as robotics, 3D applications, and much more. For us, it is a matter of course to promote the next generation of women in this field, because our female colleagues also make up an indispensable part of the team.

A Practical Day at the GFaI

During an internship, a female student was able to gain exciting insights into the various areas of GFaI. Below are some impressions for all future interested Girls' Day participants.

How does a robot know how to move its arm? Who tells the traffic light to change its light?

Our team of women in math, computer science, and engineering can answer these questions and offer additional projects at the 3D, lighting programming, and energy systems stations. During the breaks, there will be a meal, a quiz, or a foosball tournament. You don't need any previous experience, and the GFaI e. V. in Berlin-Adlershof would be happy to welcome more girls.

Women and technology? Yes!

Ever tried to program a simple controller?

In our 3 stations you will get a glimpse of the world of computer science through a little practical insight.

If you would like to have a closer look at GFaI in connection with Girls' Day, feel free to watch this video. There, a student intern takes you on a little tour of various technical departments at GFaI and reports on the projects and the impressions she has gathered.