Forensic image database for shoe prints and sole pattern

ScharsWeb is an forensic archiving and retrieval system for shoe prints and sole pattern. Developed in close cooperation with experts of the Brandenburg State Office of Criminal Investigation, ScharsWeb is used for registration, description and retrieval of shoe prints and sole patterns.


  • High-performance web-enabled/network-compatible client/server architecture
  • Platform independent as programmed in Java
  • Several data bases can be connected via JDBC interfaces (e.g. Oracle)
  • Wide range of input devices (scanner, camera etc.)
  • Automated installation on the client computer
  • User administration and access control
  • Customization to meet user-specific requirements


  • Image processing and image enhancement
  • Calibration and measurement features
  • Icon classification
  • Various research strategies
  • Automatic generation of reports and documents
  • Internal information system