Innovative Robot Programming and Process Simulation

In today’s production, robot programming is often still carried out by teach-in or manually guided teach-in. Both methods require a high level of expertise, are time-consuming and can only be carried out directly on the robot while production is at a standstill.

3D-ProSim offers the solution thanks to intelligent offline programming. Based on his process knowledge, the operator determines directly on the 3D model of the part how the tool should impact it. This is done via so-called teach points and the process doesn’t require programming knowledge.  Based on the teach points, 3D-ProSim calculates the optimum processing trajectory, taking into account the feasibility and process time of the program. The final robot program contains both movement commands for the robot and specifications for the control and use of the tool (e. g. dosing specifications for coating processes).


  • Offline robot programming outside the running production
  • Fast and uncomplicated creation of optimized robot trajectories
  • Simulation and visualization of the processing result for coating tasks


  • Substantial savings of glazing / painting material through optimized robot trajectories
  • Transferability of programs created with 3D-ProSim to all common robot types
  • Easy to learn and operate due to optimized workflows
Technical Specifications
File format for 3D modelsWRL (VRML2)
Origin of 3D modelsFrom 3D scan or CAD
Supported robotsKawasaki, KUKA, ABB, Motoman, Fanuc,
more on request
Generation of trajectoryFully automatic for 7 axes
Robot program generationFully automatic for robots specified above
End positions of axesAdjustable with error message
when limit is exceeded
Axis velocities and accelerationsAdjustable with error message
when limit is exceeded
Predefinable glazing
parameter sets
Simultaneously usable
glazing parameter sets
Max. 8, depending on used
glazing control
Interface languagesGerman, English or Polish,
more on request