Bowerbird Code

Innovative color codings for images and graphics

The innovative and smart Bowerbird Code allows an intuitive presentation of digital content in colored barcode form. The unique coding system adapts the colors of the template and, therefore, easlily blends into any existing image. Due to modern security mechanisms, the new color barcode is forgery-proof and can be applied in safety-relevant areas.


  • A barcode that combines coding with design
  • Free design of shape and colors allows a wide range of coding templates
  • The coding colors are based on the template colors


  • Unique coding pattern has a high recognition factor
  • Fast and solid scanning via Android app (coming soon: iOS)


  • Intelligent color coding integrates perfecly into any image
  • Modern error correction guarantees a solid and correct scanning and reading


  • Forgery-proof by authenticated coding procedure
  • Recent encryption methods provides high protection against unauthorized coding