Modeling and Optimization of Energy Systems (MOE)

In the research group “modeling and optimization of energy systems” (short: energy system engineering), we focus on developing optimization tools and innovative methods to enhance energy efficiency and identify potential savings in industrial and municipal energy systems. Our approach of graphical modeling combines the capabilities of complex mathematical models with the advantages of appealing and easy-to-handle visualizations in the form of schematics. We employ domain-specific graphical languages for which we develop visualizations and editors. These pioneering approaches are transformed into products and services that enable interested parties to virtually design and compare resource-efficient, energy-efficient, and cost-effective energy systems. 

Our research spans various sectors, including manufacturing, commercial and community planning. We maintain close collaborations with small and medium-sized engineering firms, as well as leading companies in the energy sector, including major energy utilities. The product portfolio includes software for modeling digital twins of energy systems and methods for life cycle analysis of product systems. Through diverse partnerships, we contribute to making the future of energy optimization user-friendly and developing innovative solutions for an sustainable and efficient energy supply. 


  • Optimization, simulation, and economic considerations of energy systems with TOP-Energy® 
  • Development of strategies to reduce CO2 emissions in energy and product systems 
  • Optimization of plant operation in energy systems in terms of costs and CO2 
  • Modeling services for complex municipal and industrial energy systems 
  • Software solutions to support life cycle analyses (LCA) 
  • Own software framework for graphical engineering systems 


  • TOP-Energy®

Research Projects

Ongoing projects and projects that have been completed can be found on the German subpage Energy Technology.