LQScan 3018

Leather measuring machine for area and thickness measurement

The LQScan leather measuring machine enables a simultaneous and efficient full-area measurement of surface and thickness of leather (and further non-transparent materials). The achieved accuracy of the surface measurement is significantly higher than reached with norm EN ISO 11646 (leather: surface measurement).


  • All-in-one system for leather measurement
  • Including a storing installation (conveying technique for stapling the leather after measuring)
  • High-precision measurement: accuracy of 25 μm in the range of 0,5 to 4,0 mm
  • Continuous measurement process, several belt speeds available
  • Optomechanical „scanning“ of thickness and outline with new camera and laser technique
  • Determination of parameters relevant to quality and calculation for set tolerance bands
  • Up to 4000 m² natural leather per shift

More details

Technical Data
Measured objectsup to 3 m x 1,8 m x 5 mm (L x W x H) depending on model
Accuracy of measurement25 μm in the range of 0,5 to 4,0 mm
Measurement time≤ 20 sec.
Capacityup to 4000 m² real leather per shift
Measuring principle and data processing
  • Leather in a run-through process, the throughput speeds is adjustable
  • Optomechanical „scanning“ of thickness and contour with new camera and laser technique
  • Calculation of parameters relevant to the quality and calculation for pre-set tolerance bands
  • Data storage in custom SAP environment
  • Customized machine configuration: 1,60 m working height
  • Signal when tolerances are exceeded
  • Database access
  • Label printing
Machine types
TypeMaterial widthDimensions (L x W x H)
LQScan1809up to 900 mmapprox. 4 m x 1 m x 2 m
LQScan3018up to 1,800 mmapprox. 7 m x 2 m x 2 m
LQScanPro3018up to 1,800 mmapprox. 11 m x 2 m x 2 m (incl. automatic stacking)
LQScan3036up to 3,600 mmapprox. 7 m x 4 m x 2 m