Software for the Generation of Model Parameters for the Crash Simulation of Mechanical Joints

JoiningLab is a software for the analysis of material, joint and specimen data (LWF®-KS-2 test concept) of mechanical joints under crash loads in the automotive industry and system manufacturing. JoiningLab automatically determines the model parameters for the crash simulation (finite element model).


  • Less time-intensive and expensive real measurements
  • Time-saving data setting of FE-equivalent models
  • Automated determination of joint properties and model parameters from experimentally determined data
  • Multivariate forecasting methods for the prediction of joint properties

Software Features

Encrypted export / import

Encrypted export, import and modification of material, joint or specimen data using a database management system (Oracle or MS Access).

Graphical User Interface

Graphical user interface for selection, presentation and analysis of data.

Automated Calculation of Joint Properties

Automated calculation of joint properties for finite element modeling using experimental data.

Multivariate Forecasting Methods

Multivariate forecasting methods for the prediction of joint properties for unknown mechanical joints in terms of crash simulation.

Automated Calculation of Model Parameters

Automated calculation of model parameters for crash simulation using experimental or prediction based data.

Cluster Algorithms

Cluster algorithms for the selection of mechanical joints with similar behavior.