First Smart Automatic Impulse Hammer

The invention of the first smart impact hammer provides new possibilities of mechanical excitation for structural dynamic applications. Smart means the device does its signal processing internally.

The WaveHitMAX guarantees fully automatic, reproducible and high precision excitation without double hits. All presettings like zero point or impact force search are made automatically by the hammer. Manual adjustment by the user is no longer necessary.

WaveHitMAX offers new possibilities compared to other automated impact hammers. Advantages of internal signal processing: fully automatic single hits, automatic search for user defined impact force, automatic zero point search, validation of the impact for quality assurance, change of the position between hammer and test object are possible and does not require a new Setup.
Via Ethernet, the WaveHitMAX can be operated quickly and easily via the supplied software on a Windows enabled device.


  • Suitable for Modal Analysis and Acoustic Sound Testing
  • Configuration of the pulse properties by accessories (weights and tips)
  • Start the hit series via trigger, TTL signal or Software
  • Supports static and serial testing
  • Autonomous or software-supported operation

Benefits with WaveHitMAX:

  • SINGLE HIT: Reproducible, high precision single hit excitation
  • SMART: Internal sensor evaluation and process control
  • AUTOMATIC: Automatic zero point search and automatic self calibration process (no presetting necessary)
  • MOVABLE: Change of position possible without new calibration

In Cooperation with:

Concept and technical implementation in cooperation with:
Ingenieurbüro Andreas Lemke