Computer Aided Facility Management

The Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) group creates software solutions for planning, administration and documentation of commercial or industrial buildings and its technical infrastructure. Main topics are IT networks, building security and fire safety installations as well as various related services.


  • Procedures for building modeling and automated structure analysis
  • Building management and space allocation optimization algorithms
  • In-house navigation and escape routing methods
  • Network documentation software
  • Building security systems (CCTV, public address systems, access control, building automation)
  • Visualization and simulation methods for security and safety issues
  • Variant planning and merging algorithms

Research Projects


Automated analysis and correction methods for highly branched network structures in the ICT sector

Development of rapid methods for automated error analysis in large, meshed ICT networks on the basis of compound network documentation. The methods are to be linked to network databases or to network documentation systems, in which all individual connections of large networks can be managed.

Funded by: Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) / INNO-KOM-Ost (MF); funding code: MF140054


Method for the efficient generation and updating of CAFM models in facility management systems

Development of a new and continuous procedure for the rapid and cost-effective generation and updating of basic facility management system data. On the basis of electronically available FM models, a survey procedure was developed for the precise and step-by-step addition of new and up-to-date data.

Funded by: Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy / INNO-KOM-Ost (MF); funding code: MF110058


Interdisciplinary navigation tree views and compact information for highly meshed object classes in the planning and management of large infrastructure systems in industry, transport, healthcare, education, research and culture.

Development of a new organization and presentation method, which supports a clear data supply in diverse, strongly meshed big-data collections. New basic procedures were developed: navigation through complex data structures, clear preparation for different areas of expertise, and protected access to special areas of the data volume.

Funded by: Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy / INNO-KOM-Ost (MF); funding code: MF130019

SinoVE Management

Collaborative research project 'Security in open transport systems and railway management' (SinoVE). Contribution of GFaI: Fundamental investigation of methods for the modeling of risk scenarios in complex transportation infrastructures

evelopment of an innovative safety management system for transport systems and railway management. Particular focus is placed on transport hubs for passengers transport. By simulating hazard situations, the new methods technically support security forces facing critical situations.

Funded by: Federal Ministry for Education and Research / Schutz von Verkehrsinfrastrukturen; funding code: 13N10093


Methods for scene-oriented planning and documentation of security infrastructures with modern multi-sensor concepts in buildings

Development of new software procedures for coordinated planning and building-related documentation of various building security systems.

Funded by: BMWi / INNO-KOM-Ost; funding code: MF120068