Measurement of coating layer structures

The coating of a component surface improves and preserves its quality and functionality in a long-term. The GFaI software Layers can measure these layer structures of a sample in quick and easy way. The sample itself can be created from a series of several images.


  • Super fast 2D measurement
  • Measuring of linear and annular structures
  • Detection of minimum, maximum and middle layers
  • Automatic edge detection
  • Automatic generation of histograms and tables (MS Word™ or MS Excel™)

More Details



By clicking in the selected layer, all relevant areas are detected. Depending on the contrast ratios in the image, there is the option of manually outlining the section with the mouse.

Manual adjustments

To improve the image quality diverse filters or morphologic image operations can be used. If the layer edges are hardly visible or only partially formed, they can be outlined on the screen. In the next step, the layer detection can be started.


The euclidean distance transformation (EDT) generates a center line that leads directly to the coating thickness pattern or to discrete intersecting lines.


Continuous acquisition and measurement of stratification as well as:

  • smallest value
  • biggest value
  • mean value
  • standard deviation
Analysing parameters
  • Number of measuring lines in a picture
  • Distance of the measuring lines
  • Vertical or at free angle measurements
  • Measurement series of a sample

All settings and options are stored in profiles and can be reproduced at any time.