Automation and Optimization in Production Engineering (AOP)

Our research in the field of Automation and Optimization in Production Engineering, abbreviated as "Production Engineering," focuses on various areas aimed at making industrial production more efficient. We often use digital twins for this purpose, allowing the precise planning of optimal facilities and production processes using mathematical techniques. 

Using the software tool QuickSteps, we optimize troubleshooting through experience recovery software. The knowledge of experienced colleagues is integrated into the system, enabling a broad base of employees to efficiently access this knowledge. 

Another product, SwitchLay, facilitates the automatic placement of electrical components in control cabinets. Resource planning for control cabinet manufacturing is optimized through the use of the semi-automatic SwitchLay Editor or fully automatic software integration. 

The software AutoPlan serves as a planning tool for the rough planning of manufacturing facilities. It calculates both an optimal plant structure (considering factors such as costs or resource utilization) and specific plant behavior. The optimization takes into account various specifications such as cycle times, production technologies, or other constraints. 


  • Standardized and adaptive error analysis and resolution for production systems with QuickSteps 
  • Automatic placement and dimensioning in control cabinets with SwitchLay 
  • Planning, optimization, and simulation of production facilities with AutoPlan 
  • Own software framework for Graphical Engineering Systems 
  • Development of graphical domain-specific languages and layout procedures


  • QuickSteps 
  • SwitchLay 
  • AutoPlan 

Research Projects

Projects that have been completed can be found on the German subpage Automation and Production Engineering.