Image Processing / Document Analysis

The Image Processing / Document Analysis (BV/DA) group mainly focuses on the development of individual software for forensic science. Contract research includes the development of algorithms and solutions for the effective use of (image) databases in safety-related areas, involving image processing solutions as well as the analysis and processing of document-like templates. Longstanding partner is the German Federal Ministry of the Interior.

The department is certified according to ISO 9001 : 2008 (Certificate register number: 347695 QM8).


  • Image analysis in forensics
  • Network and internet based database applications:
    case management, coding of characteristics in image data, research / retrieval, access control
  • Image processing and editing:
    object separation, normalization, measurement, image editing and enhancement, image comparison tools and more
  • Document related processes

Research Projects

Projects that have been completed can be found on the German subpage Image Processing Solutions.