About GFaI

GFaI is a private non-profit research institute in applied computer science. By providing industry-related and application-oriented research and development services we support our partners and clients in their innovative projects.

Application-oriented research

GFaI sets its focus on solution-oriented and industry-related research. Therefore, GFaI is a perfect partner regarding cooperation or innovative projects. When it comes to technology transfer, GFaI has an excellent reputation within the German Research Landscape by successfully transferring research results into industrial products.

Affiliated institute

GFaI is cooperating with various partners from science to industry. As an affiliated institute of the Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin and the HTW University of Applied Sciences Berlin, we actively support the education and training of students. In turn, GFaI is provided direct access to the latest scientific findings.

Research associations

GFaI is a member of the following research associations:


GFaI is also active in network management. The GFaI manages the network MoDiSeM. MoDiSeM is a network project in the frame of the Central Innovation Programme for SME (ZIM), partially financed by the German Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy (BMWi). GFaI is also partner of the network SpectroNet: competence networks for Green Vision & Spectral Imaging.