About GFaI

GFaI is a private non-profit research institute in applied computer science. By providing industry-related and application-oriented research and development services we support our partners and clients in their innovative projects.

Application-oriented research

GFaI sets its focus on solution-oriented and industry-related research. Therefore, GFaI is a perfect partner regarding cooperation or innovative projects. When it comes to technology transfer, GFaI has an excellent reputation within the German Research Landscape by successfully transferring research results into industrial products.


Progress needs education! This principle has a high significance for GFaI. Active promotion of education is therefore an essential part of our activities. We cooperate with numerous colleges and universities throughout Germany and are in constant dialogue and exchange of knowledge together. Through numerous teaching offers, students have the opportunity to acquire theoretical knowledge from scientific staff in various research and development areas. In addition to teaching courses, we offer various types of internships in which participants can learn about the latest technologies and processes and experience practical everyday research at first hand. We offer valuable stimulation and support in the preparation of final theses. Further information on all educational offers can be found here.

Research associations

GFaI is a member of the following research associations:


Currently, the GFaI is responsible for the management of the AI4Tech network "Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Applications" (funded within the framework of the ZIM by BMWK). Furthermore, GFaI is a partner in the network for "System Solutions in Innovative Boat Building for Recreational Boating".