Text Mining Software

The research lab Text Mining Software (TMS) specializes in the field of computational linguistics and text mining. Syntactic-semantic methods are developed to extract information from digitized continuous texts. Depending on application-specific questions, all relevant text statements are automatically identified, visualized and transferred to structured knowledge bases.

The focus is on answering the questions "Who?-When?-Where?-What?" in order to generate complete and succinct descriptions of events. The research and development in the field of natural language processing (NLP) is expressly application-oriented by developing marketable solutions in close cooperation with our partners.


  • Development of NLP basic procedures: Part-of-Speech Tagger (POS) , Named Entity Recognizer (NE),  Dependency Parser, Phrase Chunking Methods
  • Supervised machine learning to train NLP tools
  • Development of user interfaces to visualize and edit NLP results (front-end)
  • Database design (relational and graph databases) and implementation to persist results from text mining (back-end)

Research Projects

Projects that have been completed can be found on the German subpage Text Mining.