Professional analysis of cast iron microstructure

AMGuss is a powerful analysis software for the professional determination of the microstructure of cast iron. For the determination of concrete material properties such as fracture behavior and elasticity, a concrete formation of the graphite particles is of decisive importance.


  • Powerful analysis software for cast iron
  • Standard-compliant analysis sccording to DIN EN ISO 945 and ASTM-A247
  • Determination of graphite size, shape and arrangement
  • Nodular cast iron analysis
  • Grey cast iron analysis
  • Ferrite / perlite analysis

More Details

Measurement parameters

The most important national standard is EN ISO 945 "Cast iron - Determination of the Microstructure of Graphite" which forms the basis for the analysis software AMGuss. The following characteristic values can be determined:

  • Graphite size
  • Graphite shape
  • Graphite arrangement

Additional measurement parameters are supplied that are not explicitly defined in the standard, but have been an integral part to previous analysis:

  • Determination of the nodularity characteristic
  • Measurement of the proportion of graphite
  • Number and density of graphite particles (absolute and per unit area)
  • Ferrite / pearlite characterization of the etched specimen

The evaluation software is divided into three complexes:

  • Nodular- and vermicular graphite evaluation
  • Lamellar graphite evaluation
  • Ferrite / pearlite evaluation
More Features
  • Image pre-processing
  • Innovative form classifiers
  • Automatic cropping of contact spherulithes
  • Various interactive correction modes
  • Automatic logging