At GFaI, a large number of final theses are written by students each year. We supervise bachelor students, master students, and doctoral students. Over the years, we have been able to guide more than 300 students to an academic degree.

In their theses, students work on practical, application-oriented topics that are usually derived from our research and development work. We also supervise topics given to students by their higher education institutions that fit the GFaI profile. Many of our students worked as interns or research assistants before writing their theses.

Each student is accompanied and supported by a scientific staff member as a supervisor. Due to the application-oriented research character of our work, students have the opportunity to explore new and innovative issues in information technology in their final thesis and to incorporate the results into practical prototypes. In this way, we support universities and colleges in offering interesting and application-oriented theses for their students.

Interested students are very welcome to contact us. In the current and previous year, the following theses were completed:

  • „Bestimmung von Kriterien zur Verringerung von Beamforming-Abbildungsartefakten unter Verwendung von Mikrofon-Sub-Arrays“ (determination of criteria for the reduction of beamforming imaging artifacts using microphone sub-arrays), master's thesis
  • „Entwicklung eines adaptiven Verfahrens zur kostengesteuerten Qualitätssicherung anhand einer Fehlerdatenbank am Beispiel der Fertigung von Kranbahnmesswagen“ (development of an adaptive method for cost-controlled quality assurance based on an error database using the production of crane runway measuring vehicles as an example), bachelor’s thesis
  • „Entwicklung eines feldbusbasierten Verfahrens zur Synchronisation von kooperierenden Robotern“ (development of a fieldbus-based method for the synchronization of cooperating robots), bachelor’s thesis
  • „Evaluierung verschiedener Pose-Estimation-Algorithmen für die Nutzbarkeit in einem echtzeitfähigen Abstimmungsunterstützungssystem“ (evaluation of different pose estimation algorithms for usability in a real-time setup support system), master's thesis
  • „Konzeptionierung und Migration der Software QuickSteps in eine Webanwendung“ (conception and migration of the QuickSteps software into a web application), master's thesis
  • „MILP-Modellierung von HLK-Technik in der Energiesystemoptimierung“ (MILP modeling of HVAC technology in energy system optimization), master's thesis
  • „Modellierung latenter Kurzzeitspeichersysteme zur Nutzung industrieller Abwärme zur Formulierung als ganzzahliges lineares Optimierungsproblem“ (modeling of latent short-term storage systems for the utilization of industrial waste heat for formulation as an integer linear optimization problem), bachelor’s thesis
  • „Untersuchung und Dokumentation von Entscheidungsbäumen bei Planungskonflikten in der Rohbauplanung“ (investigation and documentation of decision trees in planning conflicts in shell construction planning), bachelor’s thesis