Automation in Switch Cabinet Design

In switch cabinet design, the placement of equipment in the ECAD software is done manually. This process is time-consuming and, just as choosing the minimum cabinet size, offers a high potential to reduce costs. This is where SwitchLay comes in: the software automatically places components and adapts the dimensions of cable ducts, mounting rails and control cabinets accordingly. The automation also enables the immediate evaluation of the designed switch cabinet. SwitchLay can interact with other programs via various open standards, and data exchange is possible at both database and file level.

SwitchLay helps to reduce the time required in the design process and thus to lower overall costs in switch cabinet design.


  • Automatic placement of components
  • Automatic dimensioning of cable ducts and mounting rails
  • Minimization of control cabinet sizes
  • Observance of arrangement rules
  • Integration and data exchange with existing ECAD solutions (e.g.: EPLAN EEC)


  • Time saving in design
  • Cost reduction in switch cabinet construction
  • Immediate results
  • Low maintenance for new components / configurations
  • Highly configurable

SwitchLay - Automated Switch Cabinet Layout

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