Application FAQ

How can I apply?

You can apply via e-mail or postal mail. Please send us your application including a cover letter, résumé and references.

Spontaneous Application

You do not find a vacancy that matches your profile? We are continuously looking for talented graduates and professionals and looking forward to your spontaneous application.

Further Information

Do you have further questions concerning a specific job offer? Get in touch with the contact person mentioned in the job posting. For general questions, please contact the Human Resources department.

Minimum Wage

Confirmation of compliance with the German statutory minimum wage (German)

GFaI e.V. as a employer hereby guarantees that it will comply with all of its obligations under the Minimum Wage Act (MiloG) and the German Temporary Employment Act (AEntG). This mainly includes:

  • in accordance with § 20 of the MiLoG, to pay wages to its employees at least equal to the minimum wage in accordance with § 1 (2) of the MiLoG by the due date specified in § 2 (1) of the MiLoG,
  • to adhere to the hours specified in the employment contracts.

Berlin, 4 May 2015