Final Surface®

Professional Software for 3D Data Processing

The 3D application software Final Surface® includes a multitude of professional tools and algorithms for analysis and processing of 3D data. The program is designed to process 3D representations in form of triangle meshes (surfaces) and point clouds (typically 3D scanning data). Final Surface® is based on a plug-in concept: The basis module can be expanded individually by optional plug-ins.


  • 3D visualization of point clouds and triangle meshes
  • 3D point cloud processing
  • Control and processing of 3D triangle meshes
  • 3D data analysis
  • Various import and export functions
  • Interactive tools
  • Plugin extensions

Final Surface® offers many optional expansion modules. These modules are add-ons to the main software to offer additional functions and can be integrated at any time.

For more information about the software and all expansion go to:

Standard Plugins

Triangulation Mesh Resampling
Mesh Reducing Mesh Smoothing
Mesh Refining Submeshes
Analyze Distances ScanMobile
Analyze Curvature Laserscan File Formats
Matching Scripting
Point Filtering IGES-Import
Mesh Healing Dimensioning