Guidelines for Authors

The contributions (in German or English language) may have max. 10 color pages. They are published in format A5.


File format
Preferred as PDF (RTF or MS-Word)

Please note the following settings for the PDF creation:

  • The exported file should be optimized for printing (PDF/X-3).
  • Please embed all fonts.
  • Images, tables and figures should be embedded on the text pages.

Page formatting:

  • Paper size DIN A5
  • Portrait (14,8 × 21 cm) 
  • No page numbering

Margin settings:

  • Top 1,7 cm
  • Left/right 1,5 cm
  • Bottom 1,5 cm

Header settings:

  • Title: Font Arial (or similar), 12 Pt, bold, centered
  • Author details: Font Arial (or similar), 9 Pt, centered
  • Text part: Font Arial (or similar); min. 9 Pt, justification
  • Subhead (e. g. "1 Introduction"): 10 Pt, bold

If necessary, Times New Roman, Times or similar fonts can be used. (In case of using "non-standard fonts" please send the appropriate fonts with your documents).

Sample pages:

Workshop 3D-NordOst sample page [pdf]

Workshop 3D-NordOst sample page [rtf]