Guidelines for Authors

The contributions (in German or English language) may have max. 10 color pages. They are published in format A5.

Please send us your contributions in digital form via email (if necessary as ZIP file)!

File format

Preferred as PDF (RTF or MS-Word)

Please note the following settings for the PDF creation:

  • The exported file should be optimized for printing (PDF/X-3).
  • Please embed all fonts.
  • Images, tables and figures should be embedded on the text pages.

Page formatting:

  • Paper size DIN A5
  • Portrait (14,8 × 21 cm) 
  • No page numbering

Margin settings:

  • Top 1,7 cm
  • Left/right 1,5 cm
  • Bottom 1,5 cm

Header settings:

  • Title: Font Arial (or similar), 12 Pt, bold, centered
  • Author details: Font Arial (or similar), 9 Pt, centered
  • Text part: Font Arial (or similar); min. 9 Pt, justification
  • Subhead (e. g. "1 Introduction"): 10 Pt, bold

If necessary, Times New Roman, Times or similar fonts can be used. (In case of using "non-standard fonts" please send the appropriate fonts with your documents).

Sample pages:

Workshop 3D-NordOst sample page (German) [pdf]

Workshop 3D-NordOst sample page (German) [rtf]