Visual Contour Digitizer

Contour display and measurement of flat and free-formed materials

The measuring tables VCD enable a precise measurement and comparison of large, flat and free-formed materials. Also, the system can easily display an accurate contour of pieces that only exist as a model or sample.


  • Measurement of flat, free-shaped materials
  • True-to-scale contour display of models or samples
  • Uniform illuminated surface made of safety glass
  • Calibration and equalization methods
  • Height of material is considered
  • Measured data comes as contour file (DXF, IGES)
  • Scanning time approx. 45 sec. per camera, process time from 60 sec.

More Details

Type VCD A3
TypeTable measuring device
Camera one-camera-system
Measurement area420 x 300 mm
Measurement uncertainty0,06 mm
Dimensions600 x 500 mm
Working heightTable height + 200 mm
Total heightTable height + 1000 mm
Type VCD A2
TypeTable measuring device
Kamera 1-camera-system
Measurement area600 x 420 mm
Measurement uncertainty0,08 mm
Dimensions700 x 600 mm / 900 x 600 mm
Working heightTable height + 200 mm
Total heightTable height + 1000 / 2000 mm
Type VCD A1
TypeTable / floor-mounted measuring device
Camera 1-camera-system
Measurement area800 x 600 mm
Measurement uncertainty0,15 mm
Dimensions1200 x 1000 mm
Working height800 mm
Total height2500 mm
Type VCD 2015
TypeLarge measuring table
Camera 2-camera-system
Measurement area2000 x 1500 mm
Measurement uncertainty0,20 mm
Dimensions2300 x 1800 mm
Working height600 mm
Total height2600 mm
Type VCD 3020
TypeLarge measuring table
Camera 2-4-camera-system
Measurement area3000 x 2000 mm
Measurement uncertainty0,20 mm
Dimensions3500 x 2300 mm
Working height600 mm
Total height4100 mm
Visual Contour Digitizer
Contour display with the VCD measuring table: measurement of a piece of leather

Technical data

Table surfaceUniform illuminated safety glass
Image contrastHigh frequency light with dimming control
Output formatContour file as DXF, IGES
Optional moduleComparison of contour and dimension with CAD file
EquipmentPC, Windows 7/10 and VCD software
Process timeApprox. 60 sec.
Max. material height5 mm
Power supply230V, 50 Hz
Power input350 - 2000 VA
Ambient temperature15 - 30°C, optimal: 20°C