Robot Programming and Process Simulation

3D-ProSim is a software system for robot programming and process simulation, which supports the robot-based glazing of unfired sanitary ceramics. By using specified process parameters, 3D-ProSim can generate and simulate a robot movement path (trajectory) for processing a workpiece outside the production (offline). The glazing result is visualized (e. g. layer thickness and glaze distribution).

3D-ProSim: Automated generation of the trajectory (robot movement path)


  • Short programming times
  • Optimized motion for seven axes
  • Accurate and uniform coating
  • Up to 30% savings of glazing material



Combined with CeramDetect, a solution from GFaI for detecting the type and location of workpieces, a tolerant and continuous production up to the integration of the production data into the customer’s enterprise resource planning system is possible.

Technical Specifications
File format for 3D models WRL (VRML2)
Origin of 3D models From 3D scan or CAD
Supported robots Kawasaki, KUKA, ABB, Motoman, Fanuc,
more on request
Generation of trajectory Fully automatic for 7 axes
Robot program generation Fully automatic for robots specified above
End positions of axes Adjustable with error message
when limit is exceeded
Axis velocities and accelerations Adjustable with error message
when limit is exceeded
Predefinable glazing
parameter sets
Simultaneously usable
glazing parameter sets
Max. 8, depending on used
glazing control
Interface languages German, English or Polish,
more on request

Trajectory Generation and Simulation

Based on technological specifications, 3D-ProSim generates an optimized processing trajectory which can be stored in a workpiece related form (independent of the used robot type) or as a machine program (for a specific robot type). The processing trajectory is tested by using the integrated robot kinematics model for violation of the realization conditions (joint limits, speeds or acceleration of axes). An existing trajectory can also be transferred to another robot type without any problems.