Software for Efficient Measurement, Analysis and Monitoring of Sound and Vibrations

The electronic modal hammer offers novel, fully automatable possibilities for experimental modal analysis. WaveHit is the only fully automatic modal hammer! Other automatic modal hammers require the user to make manual settings for single hit excitations. WaveHit finds the correct settings for single hit excitations on its own!

Furthermore, the modal hammer WaveHit is a powerful excitation solution for model updating of structural-dynamic FEA models and maintenance and quality control using sound sensors. Because of the reproducibility, WaveHit is beneficial for numerous other applications in modal testing.

WaveHit is set up quickly via USB on a Windows device (PC or tablet) and can be easily operated via the supplied software. The modal hammer can be used autonomously as all settings can be saved locally on the device.

The modal hammer WaveHit is particularly suitable for the automatic measurement of structural dynamic properties within the scope of series tests. This is the case for components such as brake linings, gear motors, shafts of small gear motors, alternators and generators.

Benefits with WaveHit

  • Correct settings for the single hit are set fully automatically
  • Integrated ICP preamplifier
  • Use without data recorder possible by connection via PC sound card
  • Triggering via hardware or flanke trigger
  • Robust design (M8 sensor connectors)

Conventional methods for structural dynamic excitation vs. WaveHit



Shaker WaveHit
Quick and easy implementation
Easy mounting
Single Hit
No need of additional Hardware
Scalable force level

Software WaveImage

The WaveImage software for modal analysis contains a special module for controlling the WaveHit. WaveImage is the most comprehensive solution for the monitoring and diagnosis of components, materials, engines, plants, devices and buildings. The software offers various possibilities for determining vibration characteristics by means of the most popular methods of the experimental and operational modal analysis. In the market, WaveImage is the only software providing this variety of combinations of algorithms for the modal analysis.