Software for Handling Instructions in case of Production Incidents

QuickSteps® is a software to increase the effectiveness of a production system by giving instructions for troubleshooting. Manufacturing incidents and instructions form the data base of the system. The operator is guided through a series of dialogue queries about the incident specification towards instructions. The super user (foreman or shift manager) maintains and processes new information in the system and makes it available to all the machine operators. Working with QuickSteps® builds a comprehensive database of lessons learned that are applicable to the specific production process.

QUICKSTEPS® - Fault diagnosis and troubleshooting
QUICKSTEPS® - Fault diagnosis and troubleshooting


  • Knowledge base with precise instructions for handling production breakdowns
  • Dialog queries to identifiy and specifiy the type of malfunction
  • Fault diagnostic system via touchscreen
  • Keep it simple: selection dialogs, yes/ no questions and image dialog via touchscreen
  • Learning mode: documentation of corrective actions already implemented
  • Tool for lessons learned

QuickSteps: Identify - Act - Learn

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