WaveImage Monitoring

Sound and Vibration Measurement, Analysis and Monitoring

Automatic sensor-based monitoring plays a key role in maintenance, planning and reliability control of technical systems. It has the potential of increasing reliability, availability and safety of technical systems as well as reducing operational and maintenance costs. WaveImage NVH MONITORING is the complete solution for Online Conditions Monitoring and Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) using all types of sound data. It enables non-destructive testing by means of body, air and ultrasound data.

The complete monitoring system is developed individually for each application. Depending on the requirements and application, we expand the system with intuitive maintenance software, NVH sensors and suitable accessories. Our systems can be used in a variety of industries: Automotive, aerospace, land and sea transport, industrial manufacturing and many others.


  • Materials testing
  • Machine monitoring (e.g. pumps, motors, machines, rotors, bearing)
  • Acoustic production monitoring (e.g. plugs)
  • Vehicle interior monitoring
  • NVH testing
  • Building monitoring (e.g. bridges, buildings, dams)
  • etc.


  • Automated system for quality control and maintenance
  • Noise and functionality testing
  • Individual software and algorithm development
  • Highly efficient state-of-the-art methods from signal processing and artificial intelligence
  • Easy-to-use software interface
  • Individual data import and export
  • Local or cloud-based data / report storing
  • Complete integration into industrial test benches