P R O J E C T - K B I R T H D A Y

Project Overview
Project KBirthday
Developer Jan Hambrecht
Releases latest version is kbirthday-0.7.3 [download]
Description Kbirthday is a kicker-applet that reminds you of birthdays and anniversaries from your KDE addressbook.
It uses the KDE addressbook API to access the addressbook data. So you can use your favourite addressbook frontend to manage your friends addresses, birthdays and anniversaries.
  image 1 : KBirthday configuration dialog
image 2 : KBirthday showing pending birthdays
image 3 : KBirthday showing pending anniversaries
v 0.4.x-0.7.x KDE version >= 3.0.0, QT version >= 3.0.3
v 0.3 I've delevoped and compiled KBirthday-0.3 with Qt 2.3.1 and KDE 2.2.2. So QT >= 2.x.x and KDE version >= 2.x.x should hopefully work as well.
  • support for birthdays and anniversaries from kaddressbook
  • configurable notification time (past and future events supported)
  • highlighting of most urgent events with configurable color
  • shows remaining days to every event
  • shows age of a person having birthday or years of anniversary
v 0.7.3
  • kbirthday now reads icon name from desktop file to make it changeable
  • added 16x16 and 32x32 png icons in subfolder icons
v 0.7.2
  • fixed transparency issues
v 0.7.1
  • added russian translation (provided by Egor S. Orlov)
v 0.7.0
  • changed event dialog from QDialog to QWidget to allow minimizing
  • configurable notification of pending events at midnight (thanks to a patch from Balaji Ramani)
  • use yesterday and tomorrow instead of -1 and 1 in the event view
  • reloading of addressbook when it has changed
  • added some debug code
  • some code cleanups
  • improved class documentation
v 0.6.1
  • added spanish translation (provided by Quique)
  • added rpm spec file (provided by Francois Massonneau)
v 0.6.0
  • fixed reading of custom anniversary field
  • added launching of kaddressbook from popup menu
  • double click on event list shows addressbook editor with all addressee details
  • now all columns of event list show focus
  • added german translation
  • some code cleanups
v 0.5.1
  • fixed some gcc3 compilation issues
v 0.5
  • support for anniversary notification
  • configurable notification of already passed birthday or anniversary events
v 0.4.1
  • fixed calculation of age for birthdays occuring in next year (thanks to Mike for reporting the bug)
v 0.4
  • ported to KDE 3.0
  • some code cleanups
v 0.3
  • initial public release