Analysis and Optimization of Industrial Energy Systems

TOP-Energy® is a computer-aided tool that supports the examination of energy systems in the most flexible and consistent way. Variants are comfortably developed and compared. Savings and energy costs are uncovered with respect to the conversion of primary energy carriers. The focus lies on the analysis, evaluation and optimization of cross-sectional technologies.


TOP-Energy® is built on a modular structure that maximizes its flexibility to adapt to different customer needs:

  • Module eNtry for initial analysis of energy systems
  • Module eSim for simulation of energy systems
  • Module eta for analysis of time series
  • Module eVariant for evaluation of different variants
  • Module eValuate for comparison and economic appraisal
  • Module eSensitivity for sensitivity analysis

Field of Application

  • Engineering offices
  • Plant engineers
  • Public utilities
  • Consulting and contracting companies
  • Energy managers of industrial enterprises

Computationally intensive methods of analysis are provided. The software is also used in universities for research and educational purposes and in particular for the modeling of components.

Power plant resources planning (district heating supplier)
Power plant resources planning (district heating supplier)