Planning, Administration and Documentation of Communication Networks

InfoCABLE® is a powerful CAFM system for the planning, administration and documentation of communication networks. The main system is based on a close link between CAD and database, allowing a simple import of all floor plans and enables a true-to-scale modelling of all device locations and cable routes.

CAFM-Software InfoCABLE®


  • Centralised management of network documentation
  • Fast and effi cient data maintenance
  • Secure and user specific provision of data
  • Fast localization of network errors
  • Monitoring of maintenance cycles
  • Reduced planning periods
  • Planning based on current data with live documentation
Screenshot modules InfoCABLE
Screenshot modules InfoCABLE

InfoCABLE® Modules

InfoCABLE Base (CAD)

The foundation of the software forms the InfoCABLE® Base Module. It gives access to project administration, type catalog and standard ASCII interface for data import from external systems. It also includes all functions for modelling the network and collecting information.

InfoCABLE Alpha Searcher

The InfoCABLE Alpha Searcher allows users scanning the entire online database, editing module data and updating patch connections. The underlying graphic engine provides true-to-scale visualization of the network infrastructure.

Access Control Management

The module Access Control Management provides an effective management tool for controlling locking plans and access authorization for all common mechanical or electronic locking systems of the premises.

Space Management

The module Space Management automatically connects all relevant area information with network components and updates the network layout accordingly to any enforced changes.

Planning Variants

The module Planning Variants evaluates planning alternatives in case of network expansion, while maintaining documentation of the current network (live-operation). Before making any final modification, the system runs automated collision detection by comparing the current and the planning state. Also, planning and plant documentation can be combined.


The Labelling module gives access to the fully automated creation of labelled network plans, whose content and visual appearance can be adapted for individual or specific purpose.


The module Reports gives an overview of reports that are based on the user-specific database analysis.


The Administration module supports the import and export of InfoCABLE® catalogs and external subnetworks.

Low-Voltage Network

The module Low-Voltage Network includes an extension of the catalog for components of low-voltage networks and specific plausibility checks in electrical installations. Power consumptions are calculated, including buffered supplies and passive distribution networks, and circuit overloads are detected.

NMS Interface

The NMS interface provides a direct exchange of information about any network components with active network management systems.

Digital PABX Interface

The Digital PABX interface easily accesses data from telephone systems, e.g. personal data, system data and terminal device data.

Measurement Data Interface

The interface Measurement Data provides a data interchange tool among measured data management systems, ensuring a device-independent administration of measured cable data.